Meet the face
behind the posts

I am a full-time businesswoman, a part-time endurance athlete, an eating disorder survivor, a wine enthusiast, a sushi aficionado, a book hoarder, and a social media butterfly. I found my love of endurance sports when I signed up for my first endurance event (a marathon) back in 2006 and haven’t looked back since. I have completed over 70 endurance events, including a half ironman and a running challenge at Walt Disney World, where I ran 48.6 miles over four days. 

​My intention of this blog is a place for me to share all things I love about endurance sports and the training I am doing for my latest endurance endeavor   I also want to show that endurance athletes come in all shapes and sizes and never let someone stop you from what you want to do.   I also tend to write about the crazy antics of my life with my husband and various pets.  There also may be mentions of wine, whiskey, sushi, and cupcakes, because a little indulgence from time to time makes everything better.